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    10 Tips for Managing Dry Eyes [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 2 days 10 hours ago

    Do you often feel like your eyes are scratchy and dry, or experience a burning sensation in your eyes? These are just a few of the common symptoms of dry eyes, a condition that affects many people. Dry eyes can range from mild to very severe, and treatment from your eye doctor may become necessary. To manage your dry eyes, speak to your doctor and follow the tips outlined in this infographic. Understand what might be causing your dry eyes, such as make-up usage, side effects from medications, or environmental conditions. Smoking can also make dry eyes worse, in addition to increasing your chances of developing other eye conditions such as cataracts. Explore this infographic provided by Levin Luminais Chronister Eye Associates, your Thorndale eye doctor, to learn more about what to do about your dry eyes, and please share with your friends and family!

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    What Is a Dry Eyes Test?

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Tears play an important role in eye health and comfort, coating the surface of the eye to provide moisture as well as a protective barrier. Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes don’t produce tears of sufficient quantity or quality. If you are suffering from dry, irritated eyes, your eye doctor may administer a dry eyes test, also called Schirmer’s test, to determine if you are suffering from dry eye syndrome.

    Evaluation of Symptoms
    Before your dry eyes test, your eye doctor may ask you questions about your symptoms to get a better idea of your eye health. Dry eyes can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including blurry vision, itchy eyes, redness of the eyes, and eye discomfort. You may experience a dry, burning sensation or the feeling that there is sand or grit in your eyes. Dry eye syndrome can also cause your eyes to tear up uncontrollably.

    Dry Eyes Test
    A dry eyes test is a short, risk-free examination that determines the amount of moisture produced by your eyes. Prior to your dry eyes test, you will need to remove corrective contact lenses if you wear them. Before the test begins, your ophthalmologist will administer numbing drops for comfort during the test. You will be asked to look upward while your doctor gently places a small strip of paper beneath your lower eyelid. This process will not hurt at all; one or both eyes may be tested at a time. Next, you will be asked to close your eyes gently and rest with them closed for approximately five minutes. Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes and squeezing them shut during this time. After the five-minute timeframe, your ophthalmologist will remove the paper strips and measure the amount of moisture on the strip.

    Levin Luminais Chronister Eye Associates can help you alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes through treatments including medication, surgery, and Intense Pulsed Light. Click through our website to find out more about dry eye symptoms and treatment, or call our office serving Chester County at (610) 400-1348 to discuss your eye care needs.

    Tips for Easing Dry Eyes in the Summer

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Dry eyes are a common condition that can cause tearing, redness, and discomfort. Summertime weather can exacerbate dry eyes, but there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the effects of dry eye syndrome. Taking vitamin A supplements can help your body to produce higher-quality tears, which will keep your eyes moist and lubricated. Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in flaxseed oil and salmon, will help your body repair damaged cells for better eye and overall health. Use moisturizing eye drops throughout the day to protect your eyes and alleviate discomfort. Eye drops can be used preventively, meaning you should administer eye drops regularly even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms. If you aren’t sure which type of eye drops are best for you, ask your eye doctor for a recommendation.

    Your Chester County eye doctor at Levin Luminais Chronister Eye Associates can help you manage the symptoms of dry eyes during the summer and throughout the year. If you have questions about your eye health, call us today at (610) 400-1348 or visit our website for more helpful information and tips to maintain healthy eyes.

    Complications Associated with Dry Eyes

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Dry eye syndrome affects an estimated 59 million Americans. Although dry eyes can develop in anyone, your risk for dry eye syndrome increases with age. Dry eye syndrome is generally associated only with mild discomfort, but chronically dry eyes can develop complications without proper treatment.

    Increased Risk of Eye Infections
    Tears provide a basic level of protection for the eyes by coating the surface of the eyeball and acting as a barrier to keep bacteria and viruses out. When your eyes don’t produce sufficient tears to keep the surface of your eyes coated and protected, you may be at greater risk for eye infections. People with dry eyes may experience an increased number of eye infections due to inadequate tears; frequent eye infections can lead to other complications as well.

    Perpetually dry eyes can also cause damage to the tissues on the surface of your eyes. Without proper moisture levels, these tissues may become inflamed, which can lead to the development of scar tissue over time. Scarring that occurs over the cornea may affect your vision quality, leading to problems performing or enjoying everyday tasks. Scar tissue development is generally only a concern in cases of severely dry eyes and can be prevented with proper treatment.

    Reduced Quality of Life
    Blurry vision or excessive tearing due to dry eyes may reduce your enjoyment of some activities or cause difficulty in social situations. Pain and discomfort can also negatively affect your quality of life when you experience symptoms of dry eyes on a daily basis. If you are having difficulty performing everyday activities due to your dry eye symptoms, talk to your eye doctor about a treatment plan.

    If you are suffering from the symptoms of dry eyes, treatments are available that can restore your comfort, your vision, and your quality of life. Levin Luminais Chronister Eye Associates has been serving Chester County with dedicated eye care since 1977. You can contact us for more information by calling (610) 400-1348.

    What Your Eyes Reveal About Your Overall Health

    Last updated 29 days ago

    The health of your eyes can be an important indicator of your overall health. Your ophthalmologist may be able to detect signs of systemic health disorders simply by examining your eyes.

    In this video, you will learn that an eye exam can reveal the presence of many diseases, including diabetes or high blood pressure. The eyes reveal this information because they provide a place where your doctor can directly visualize brain tissue and blood vessels. Conditions such as nutritional deficits, inflammation, and nerve damage are also detectable through the eye.

    Regular eye exams play an important role not only in your eye health, but also in your overall health. Contact Levin Luminais Chronister Eye Associates today by calling (610) 400-1348 to schedule your next eye exam. Please visit our website to learn more about our eye care services in Chester County.

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